Engaging HiPo’s: Creative ways to engage your top talent: with Emily Draycott-Jones

Engaging HiPo’s: Creative ways to engage your top talent: with Emily Draycott-Jones

Sean Tong Market Insight

Frazer Jones, Asia -Thought Leadership Event Co-Hosted with Bloomberg.

The Frazer Jones team were honoured to facilitate an engaging and insightful panel discussion hosted by Bloomberg LP's Vandna Ramchandani around 'Engaging HiPo's: Creative ways to Engage your Top Talent".

The panel consisted of both HR and business leaders; Emily Draycott-Jones and Vandna Ramchandani (Bloomberg), Cornelius Chang (Grab), Sunita Kaur and Tess Mackean (Talent Trust). In attendance were 60 HR leaders from across industry who actively engaged in the lively discussion.

As part of our follow-up, we will be sharing each of the presenters take on the topic. This week we will be sharing thoughts on talent from Emily Draycott-Jones.

Emily was invited to join the panel as she is a highly experience commercial leader with global HR expertise across 6 continents.

She is currently delivering HR consultancy and executive coaching services at the compnay ClearlyHR (which she is a founder), and has co-founded a very successful social support network for executive women in Singapore with trailing spouses, called “Breadwinning Expat Ladies - Singapore”.

Emily is also a keen supporter of TalentTrust who she engaged with in her own quest to find “more meaningful work”.

Key Takeaways from the discussion:

When you’re in the thick of a Regional HR role it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. So many priorities coming from HQ, local stakeholders and let’s be honest about it, we have to juggle to ensure everyone feels like their top priority is also yours.

Alongside this you’re trying to balance your professional priorities, gain some new experiences, learn a few things, network, develop your profile and occasionally see your family, friends and have some “me” time.

Earlier this year I was made redundant. I’d been in challenging roles with little more than an occasional holiday for 15 years and all of a sudden my diary cleared up, I had no 6am or 11pm calls and I was a little bit at a loss… what to do with myself. I suddenly realised that life had been home/work for an awfully long time and I’d completely forgotten about being a rounded and interesting human being.

Through a series of conversation I learned about TalentTrust and met the fabulous CEO Tess Mackean for a coffee. How on earth, as a fairly well-connected HR professional in Singapore, had I not come across this amazing organisation earlier?...

TalentTrust provide opportunities for senior professionals to share their skills where they are needed most. Through skill based volunteering, individuals are matched with charities who need a helping hand.

TalentTrust facilitate the volunteering with structured projects around the charities needs and build a mentoring board with the exact skills and experience needed at exactly the right time.

“You mean I get to authentically network with awesome people who I’d normally never get the opportunity to meet, I get to volunteer my time in a structured and meaningful way, I get to support a charity that fits my interests and personal values?”

A resounding tick!

“As a HR professional I get to develop my senior staff without spending a fortune on coaching, training or huge amounts of time away from the office.."

I can support my talent management agenda with an innovative and personalised learning opportunity where individuals get to experience board level decision making with tight resources and high stakes.

I engage and retain my talent AND it’s a tick on my CSR agenda by supporting Singaporean NGOs that align with my corporate values?”...

Another huge tick in the box

I actually wanted to sing it from the rooftops. It’s not often that I get this wowed.

So, I did what any good HR citizen would do and thought I’d share this with the HR community at large. What better way to do this then to use the Frazer Jones black book of HR talent in Singapore, put my moderator jacket on and have the honour of connecting TalentTrust to my peers.


Thanks to the team at Frazer Jones for being so receptive to my idea, to Bloomberg for hosting and for the panelist’s for their time and effort in engaging the audience. We hope you enjoyed reading this final snippet from the event, please follow-us to hear about future events we have planned throughout the year.